January 2016: Ontario Regions Resource Group (ORRG) Evolves

 More Regions in Ontario Benefit Grandmother Groups
ORRG has evolved into a structure that better responds to the vast geography of Ontario. It is designed to enhance
communication and collaboration among Ontario groups and between them and the SLF.  Now there are four regions in Ontario, each led by its own Grandmothers Regional Liaison (GRL) : - - South & South-West, - -  the GTA,  - - East and Central - - Ottawa Region.
In the current structure, 4Gs are within the newly established South & South-Western Ontario Region. Within this region are 21 groups divided into two smaller areas.  We are in the Waterloo-Wellington area. We're pleased that 4Gs member, Carol Barnhardt, is our Region's GRL.

Historical Development

orrg logo

For the past four years, the Ontario Regions Resource Group (ORRG) had provided resources and support for its member groups across the province, (excluding the Ottawa Region). There was just one Grandmothers Regional Liaison (GRL) officer to liaise with SLF and among Ontario group.  Two main intiatives that supported this mandate were the  ORRGOODNEWSLETTER and the annual Gathering. The newsletter conveyed information, celebrated Ontario grandmother group accomplishments, provided updates on what is going on in different areas within Ontario (through the Grandmothers Regional Liaison (GRL) and introduced new grandmother groups.

South African Grandmothers gethering for support, learning, planning, comradship, love

We, the Canadian grandmothers groups,  are committed to support the Grandmothers Campaign pf the Stephen Lewis Foundation for the grassroot community projects.

Here South African grandmothers gather.