* African Vests: Isobel

Isobel's vest

Isobel has many excellent gifts - - artist, designer, seamstress, quilter, cook, baker, organizer,  . . . along with a generous heart and sharing nature. These gifts morph into action for the Grandmothers Gampaign in a number of different ways, one being the African vests that have become 4Gs identity badge.

In the beginning of 4Gs, Isobel came wearing the green vest she designed, reversable no less. We all loved it.  One request after another, "Would you sew one for me ?"  A tradition was born.

The vest quickly became our badge, a distinctive unifying identity of 4Gs.

Isobel continues her search for African fabric and each month she displays an assortment.  Over the years Isobel has contributed hundreds of dollars to the African Campaign through her sale of vests.

Isobel's sample fabrics 

Isobel brings African fabric to our monthly meetings. (April 19, 2016)

Isobel's fabric        

Isobel shows Carol her newest sample (Dec 2015)

   Fabric choices Isobel selects for our choice - photo courtesy of Laurie Goodman
Isobel has made a vest of each of these fabrics

vest cookbook committee2






Vests sported by the cookbook committee                                      4Gs sporting our vest - photo courtesy of Laurie Goodman 
4Gs at the June picnic meeting, wearing Isobel's vests

Last three photos courtesy of Laurie Goodman (June 16, 2015)
- - part of Laurie's photo shoot for Loving Hands: Recipes and Reflections, the 4Gs excellent cookbook.
$20 - buy one - support a great cause - an excellent gift for family and friends, a lovely hostess gift 

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